SharePoint Document Generator 1.0 Release

Did you ever wanted or tried to assembly a document by using data stored in SharePoint? Invoices, legal forms, memos, or letters for customers are just few document examples that are used every day. Microsoft Word 2007 provides a way to embed information from SharePoint document library metadata columns into Word document by using Quick Parts. Besides that there are some unexpected behavior when using Quick Parts with lookup, calculated or multi valued columns there are also no way to insert information from related lists by lookup columns. For example, image that you have purchase orders SharePoint document library where customer is defined as a lookup column to the customers list and you want to have customer’s shipping address in the purchase order’s document. Or, more over you want to iterate related items from the orders details list to purchase order’s document details table. So what can be done in such situations?

I’m happy to announce we are releasing our first SharePoint Document Generator release. Using SharePoint Document Generator you can easy assembly documents from SharePoint lists using well know Microsoft Word 2007 templates.


SharePoint Document Generator template example

SharePoint Document Generator uses Custom XML schema to define which fields/columns values to embed in to the document. All fields values will be displayed the same as they are displayed in SharePoint lists. Great news is that you can insert lookup columns and set which column’s value to take from the referenced list. And of course you can insert a repeat tag and set its properties to iterate whatever child list items you want. It is done with a couple of simply steps: select a table row, insert Repeat tag, set child list name you want to iterate. And that’s it!

SharePoint Document Generator can be called from any SharePoint custom action or JavaScript. Generated documents can be returned directly to the browser or saved to SharePoint Document Library.



Custom actions in the Edit Control Block (ECB) menu and items display form.

You can download SharePoint Document Generator Free version and try it by yourself. The only limitation of free version is maximum of 3 rows can be iterated from lists related by lookup columns. Check out our demo video how to start using SharePoint Document Generator.

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One comment on “SharePoint Document Generator 1.0 Release
  1. Bruce Gauthier says:

    Can your product merge the data column elements from many rows in a list, instead of merging each row, one by one?

    Thank you.